November 6, 2015

SolidWorks SheetMetal - Edit Flange Profile

What's New in SolidWorks 2016?

SolidWorks Sheetmetal - Edit Flange Profile

SolidWorks sheet metal has been a very useful tool in creating parts that require flattened patterns.  The flat patterns are the shapes used to cut out parts that when folded form the finished product.  One of the most common tools in sheet metal is the edge flange.

Consider the following sheet metal part:

sheet metal solidworks 2016

We want to add a flange to cover the front of this part, therefore we can use the edge flange tool.

solidworks sheetmetal 2016

When we apply an edge flange to the selected edge, an extension is created perpendicular by default to the original sheet.

edge flange tool

This is adjusted by selecting a reference face for the flange to be set parallel.

sheetmetal flange tool

When creating a flange it is important to consider the flange position.  This means where the bend occurs, in this case we can the bend to be on the outside.  This elevates the flange as to not cause interference with the two pre-existing flanges on the side.

sheetmetal flange

Normally to extend the flange outside of the square shape a designer would need additional sketches.  
However SolidWorks 2016 brings a new functionality called “Edit Flange Profile”.  By selecting Edit Flange Profile it allows the user to manipulate and modify the sketch shown.  This includes the blue undefined lines as well as the black fully defined lines as shown below:

edit flange profile

solidworks sheet metal edit flange profile

Applying the sheet metal feature allows for the edge flange to be created without any additional sketches required.

flange sheetmetal

The new Edit Flange Sketch functionality is designed to help designers be more efficient and therefore safe time when modeling sheet metal in SolidWorks 2016.

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