April 13, 2022

Learn how you can create accurate Harness Documentation using SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Harness Design

Today electrical engineers struggle to create and maintain harness documentation. Without the tools to keep their schematics, reports and "nail board" layouts intelligently linked together, they waste substantial time and effort repeatedly inputting data and checking their documentation for accuracy. Join SOLIDWORKS ECAD expert to learn how to create accurate harness documentation quickly with no errors. Using SOLIDWORKS Electrical, our ECAD expert will guide you from schematic to layout to show that there is a better way! 

This webinar will focus on the following:

>>  Harness Schematic Creation
>>  Utilizing Layouts for Harness Layouts
>>  Using Mixed Schemes for Harness Layouts
>>  Creating Accurate and Detailed Reports

Watch here and learn how you can create accurate harness documentation.

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SolidWorks Electrical

April 8, 2022

Successful Development of Innovative Products Demands Better ELECTRICAL/ ELECTRONICS/MECHANICAL DESIGN COLLABORATION

The pace of innovation in product development is more rapid than ever. As the explosive growth in smartphones over the past decade has demonstrated, there is growing worldwide consumer demand for smart electronic gadgets in smaller and smaller sizes, requiring greater use of miniaturized components. Manufacturing industries are also looking for intelligent production solutions that take up less and less floor space. Both of these trends reveal just how critical product development efficiencies have become to the successful introduction of today’s innovative consumer electronics and smart manufacturing systems. In addition to growing demand for electrical, electronics, and mechanical devices and intelligent production equipment requiring miniaturized components, the advent of digital and Internet technologies has opened up entirely new product possibilities and categories—such as the Internet of Things (IoT)—enabling manufacturers to accelerate electromechanical product development.

Successful Development of Innovative Products Demands Better ELECTRICAL/ ELECTRONICS/MECHANICAL DESIGN COLLABORATION - Read More https://conta.cc/3J8Xzog

What is Fatigue? How to calculate Fatigue?

Designers normally consider the most important safety consideration to be the overall strength of the component, assembly, or product. To design for this, engineers want to create a design that will stand up to the probable ultimate load, and add a safety factor to that, for insurance. Learn more about fatigue, methods for calculating fatigue life - Read More http://www.fea-tc.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/SIM_Fatigue.pdf


July 23, 2019

SOLIDWORKS Premium. Better Designs Mean Better Products.

SOLIDWORKS Premium is more than CAD—it's an integrated suite of specialized tools which work seamlessly together to let you model, visualize, simulate, validate, communicate, cost, document, and better prepare your designs for production. SOLIDWORKS design tools let you efficiently transform concepts into practical, executable designs, and leverage advanced automation capabilities to handle repetitive manual tasks.

Download Whitepaper and Learn how SOLIDWORKS Premium enables you to:

  • Communicate and collaborate easily throughout the process
  • Check product manufacturability at each stage
  • Automate code generation for machining and production
  • Easily generate complex surfaces and shapes
  • Output photorealistic images and animations
DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER to learn how you can accelerate your design process and improve product quality with SOLIDWORKS Premium.


November 14, 2018



Get an instant upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Premium, our flagship CAD package, with added capabilities for analyzing stress, deflection, motion,and tolerance stack-up, plus photo realistic rendering, vast component libraries, routing for piping, tubing, and wiring, as well as productivity tools.

Act now to experience expanded capabilities that provide more insights into your designs, increase your productivity, and extend the value of your 3D models. Now is the time to upgrade.

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