March 16, 2018


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is widely known for its advanced photorealistic rendering. It is a brilliant software that renders ease in creating fascinating visual content of designs, thereby making it apt for engineers, designers as well as content creators.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard brings just about any design, from the field of engineering, to life even before a single part is manufactured. As a camera for your CAD data, it enables you to leverage your design work and create photographically true visualizations directly from your CAD model.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard utilizes industrialized powerful ray tracing engines, making it incredibly easy to paint your product model with accurate material. By using SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard and its photo accurate results, you can swiftly minimize guess works, and in most cases eliminate the same, thereby giving your customers a deeper emotional connection with your designs. Also, you can smoothly explore different aspects of your products persona using SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard.

Use its capabilities to the fullest and narrate a deeper story which wonderfully resonates with your end users as well as key stakeholders. Best part is, you can use the visual content it generates for your presentations, product videos, advertisements and more, and offer a realistic idea to your superiors, customers, or key stakeholders. This way, you can easily drive the said parties’ interests in your products.
The power to bring your designs to life, therefore, rests in your hands along with the ability to use the software. About the latter, you can easily enhance your software skills by taking up SOLIDWORKS FEA Training.

February 18, 2018

Difference between SOLIDWORKS Premium, Professional and Standard

Difference between SOLIDWORKS Premium, Professional andStandard

Congratulations on your decision to look into SOLIDWORKS 3DCAD design software package!

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design software solutions include SOLIDWORKS PREMIUM, SOLIDWORKS PROFESSIONAL, and SOLIDWORKS STANDARD providing engineers, designers and manufacturers with the design, simulation/verification, manufacturing, file management and collaboration tools they need to develop and manufacture innovative products and equipment—all in one package

The entire suite of SOLIDWORKS (SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Standard) covers design, simulation/verification, cost estimation, manufacturability checks, CAM, sustainable design, technical communication and data management.


SOLIDWORKS Premium is the flagship product in the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD family. You can find all the capabilities included in SOLIDWORKS Professional along with powerful simulation and design validation as well as advanced wire and pipe routing functionality, advanced surface flattening capabilities and environmental impact analysis.

SOLIDWORKS Professional:

SOLIDWORKS Professional includes all the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Standard to increase design productivity. The additional functionalities include file management tools, advanced photorealistic rendering (SOLIDWORKS Visualize), automated manufacturing cost estimation, eDrawings Professional collaboration capabilities, reverse engineering tools, automated design and drawing checking , automated task scheduling and batch processing, Tolerance analysis, ECAD/MCAD collaboration tools, sophisticated components and parts library.


Get up to speed and unlock the benefits of this powerful design and manufacturing solution. With SOLIDWORKSStandard, you can share data with your suppliers and customers who also use SOLIDWORKS. Create designs faster and more accurately, including 3D models of complex parts and large assemblies, 2D drawings, and assembly bills of materials (BOMs) needed by manufacturing. Eliminate design errors and rework before designs get to manufacturing by using automatic interference checking. Work directly with non-SOLIDWORKS CAD data and eliminate the need to translate files using SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect. Communicate design ideas more effectively using tools to create, publish, and view photorealistic images and videos of your designs. Create CNC tool paths using industry-leading CAM tools (SOLIDWORKS CAM) that include an intelligent database of machining rules and even the ability to automatically create CNC programs for your design.

Whether you choose between SOLIDWORKS Premium or SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Standard you can be assured that SOLIDWORKS is the most popular 3D CAD tool in the industry and the best 3D CAD tool for integrated partner products. You can do anything you need to do in designing, manufacturing (now including CAM) and managing products and never have to leave the SOLIDWORKS environment.

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February 9, 2018

Selecting Your SolidWorks CAD Software

If you have decided on introducing CAD software to your business, then let me tell you that it is an outstanding decision that you have taken. Maybe you have realized that your current software does not help your business anymore or whatever the reason is, the implementation of CAD technology into your CNC machine workflow process can bring a significant improvement in producing perfect parts while not compromising with the quality at all.

SolidWorks CAD is a quality design product that offers highly advanced design and innovation solutions. You will find dozens of software packages available, and it is essential that you determine what would be the best option for you.

The first thing you are suggested to do is prepare a list of your objectives that you need to accomplish. Consider your workflow to narrow your choices, so that you pick up the best-suited software package based on their importance to your business.


Image source: design-point

You may find a need for having software that is suitable for multiple industries, but the main purpose of your software should be to support the one main industry while supporting others. For instance, if your main industry is mechanical design, you may need software that supports thermal, fluid or electric simulators.

Geometry Type

Image source: 3ds

3D is undoubtedly common and popular everywhere, but that does not mean that you cannot consider 2D, as it is also one of the most widely used. So, find out what your specific needs are, and then choose the geometry type of SolidWorks CAD.

File Format

Image source: Okino

Every software comes with its unique native file format. Additionally, each software has some translators that allow them to get converted from their proprietary file format to other or vice versa.  This could be done directly or by using a standard translator (IGES, STEP). A software package like SolidWorks is extremely good in what it does and is used as a platform to 3rd party specialty programs.


Price becomes one of the major concerns when it comes to choosing CAD software. Buying the software is not the only purchase you will make as there would also be some other expenses included, like maintenance, support, training, upgrades, etc.

It is important that the SolidWorks reseller you are choosing should be able to provide you support and training services for the software purchased, as there is no benefit of buying less expensive software that you cannot get support for.

By keeping the points mentioned above in mind, you can begin your quest of searching the best CAD software for your industry. If you have decided about purchasing a particular SolidWorks Cad software, then you can look for a reputed vendor.

It does not matter whether the SolidWorks reseller is new or veteran in the market, it will provide you with the same software. What varies is the training and support services it offers for the product you are buying from a particular provider. You can go for an online search and can locate a renowned company that has a good experience in offering SolidWorks software plus its related services. 

February 8, 2018

A Rough Overview of SolidWorks Software

Earlier, the hand created technical drawings were greatly used for conveying design specifications for transforming an illustration into a physical form.
With the debut of the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software programs in the market, it has eliminated the need of drafters to a greater extent.
The immense popularity of personal computers made the engineers, designers, and architects do their drafting work with efficacy.
In the present scenario, any designing work whether it may be a model of car, perfume bottles or any other object their layout is prepared using CAD.
The best example of CAD program for preparing virtual 3D models is “SolidWorks.”
Now-a-day, millions of designers, rely on this advanced technology for bringing the innovative and efficient product in the market for a better future.
The user-friendly interface has reasonably eased the design process leading to productive results.

Image source: Pinterest

What are SolidWorks?
Introduced in 1995, this professional grade program runs on Microsoft Windows and covers every aspect of the product development.
SolidWorks software is intuitive and simple to get your hands on. The use of standard conventions like toolbars, icons, menus makes this software relatively easy to use.

Image source: Moraine Park Technical College Blog

  • Advanced display control functions
  •  Customizable shortcut menus
  •  Instant 3D designing

How Is Designing Done with SolidWorks Software?

  • Initially, the 2D representation is prepared which resembles like a geometric sketch that contains points, lines, and arcs.
  • For specifying the size and location, the dimensions are applied.
  • For defining attributes, relations are used. For instance, if any part needs to be parallel
  • The combination of relations and attributes builds the perfect geometry and this process termed as a parametric feature-based approach for the model creation.

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Why SolidWorks Software for Product Designing?
Before the introduction of SolidWorks, the design process was quite slow. The product designs were prepared on a paper and based on that; the prototypes were created for testing.
This process was an utter failure as it consumes time and requires more humanitarian efforts.
With SolidWorks, the users can easily perform the testing and simulation multiple times virtually. This incredible feature of rollback to the development of the design for modification is simply awesome.
Moreover, when the design has been tested and assembled digitally, SolidWorks software provides different tools which will automate the entire task of drawing.
It is safe to say that the SolidWorks software has dramatically reduced the time invested in design and testing.

To be precise, the SolidWorks software has come out as a savior for many designing industries as it helps in maximizing engineering productivity, thus leading to better design inventions.
That is an end to the basics of the SolidWorks software which you should know!
If you are planning to buy SolidWorks software, then this piece of writing will surely be going to help you in a better way.
Also, you can search online for getting the best software at a budget-friendly price.
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February 7, 2018

An Ultimate Guide for Clearing ERC Interview

Aspiring to clear ERC interview with flying colors but doubtful where to start?
Don’t worry! Many others are sailing in the same category.
All you need is the right guidance!
For you, here are the essentials for cracking the ERC interview which guarantees success if followed correctly.

Image source: The Balance

Give it a read to get the insights of the tips which you need to follow while preparing for the interview!

Basic Tips
  • For an interview, try to reach venue 15-20 minutes early.
  • Always adorn a formal attire for the ERC interview.
  • Remember the fact that it is an interview to analyze your engineering experience, not a regular job interview; it would be better to align your thought processes appropriately.
  • The interview process takes approximately 45-60 minutes.
  • On an average, about 65% of the candidates clear the interview.
  • Videotaping of your interview will be done for possible reviewing in future if you want to go for a re-check option.

Preparation Tips
  • Always opt for the two projects from your experience record in which you have in-depth knowledge. Try to demonstrate in the best possible manner and explain the interviewers that you have applied engineering principles along with their relevant engineering equations.
  • Don’t forget to carry drawings, reports, samples, and pictures to validate your project or work.
  • Make sure of the fact that you have gone through the basics in your engineering discipline.
  • Interviewers may raise basic questions to test your engineering skills.  
  • If you have done something great in your project recently, but have not mentioned yet in your experience record, then it is time for upgradations so your coordinator can send it to the interviewers.

Image source: Career and Education Insights

Interview Tips
  • Try to make a good rapport with the interviewers by making positive comments.
  •  Lead the interview with full confidence. Start with the objective of your project, what you have done, results you attained, calculations, analyses, and conclusions. Don’t miss even a single information about your work.
  •  Don’t rush while explaining your project. Give equal time for the interviewers to ask some questions related to your work.
  •  If time allows, you can go ahead with your second project if the interviewers permit you to do so.
  • Go through the basic engineering questions related to your field as the interviewers may ask few from you.
  • If you are confident about your answer, then you can say so. Answering wrong is a big no. It is advisable to say that you are not sure will indicate your honesty.

Image source: Celebrate Jobs Blog

Here comes an end to the guidelines which you must follow for giving your best shot in an ERC interview.
We are sure of the fact that you will imitate all the points which have mentioned in this write-up.
Hoping that the above tips will be going to help you to a certain extent!
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February 6, 2018

5 Incredible Benefits of SolidWorks Simulation

SolidWorks simulation lets the designers ensure the quality and performance of a product design before proceeding towards the production stage.
With the availability of comprehensive analysis tools, you can easily test model digitally for acquiring the insights of the designing process.
It is safe to say that the SolidWorks simulation technology comes as a boon for the product designers.

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Let’s dig deep into the merits of the SolidWorks simulation for getting a better understanding of this technology.

 Intuitive Technology- Simple to Learn & Master
With the presence of SolidWorks simulation tools, it aids the designers at any stage of product development.
The workflows, naming conventions, and commands are fully integrated into the design environment of SolidWorks to guide the designers with every footstep, thus satisfying their analysis needs.
Leveraged by speedy and accurate solvers, the simulation process helps you to solve the tricky design problems instantly.

 Powerful Design Insights
Beyond ease of use, the SolidWorks simulation is beneficial at the time of the geometry modification as it quickly studies the changes done in the design process and notifies you when the re-calculation is required to be done.
As the design progressed, the product reliability is guaranteed.
Without halting your daily designing task, the simulation solvers keep running in the background. All you have to do is set up the analysis and let the SolidWorks tools do the calculation of the results as you perform detailing of the drawings.

 Highly Optimized for Speed & Accuracy
As your components vary in shape and size, keeping that point into consideration; SolidWorks simulation tools are designed to accept a wide range of geometry.
For welded structure, thin and thick-walled parts, special mesh allows you test them with efficacy and in a more optimized way. Furthermore, SolidWorks simulation software fully understands different types of connection like bolts, pins, and welds.
The symmetric 3D assembly representation can be simplified to 2D for reducing the overall solving time and giving more apt solutions.

 Eliminate Prototype Requirement
With the SolidWorks simulation technology, the designers can easily conduct physical tests digitally which includes fluid motion, thermal, vibrations, impact, and durability. Sizing of welds and bolted connections inspection can be easily done.
Now, you can easily validate all the aspects of designing by running multiple studies simultaneously. The designers can freely test the new ideas which promote innovation with zero risks involved.
Needless to mention that the introduction of the simulation technique has eradicated the need for physical prototypes.

Image Source: Pinterest

Empowers Clear Communication
Information drives great results if presented correctly and clearly. SolidWorks simulation technology represents results graphically, and it has some great tools which facilitate to focus on key areas for getting a gist of the performance trends.
The robust reporting metric tools allow you to share results with the people involved in the product designing.
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That is not an end to the benefits which SolidWorks simulation offers; you can find more on the internet.

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