February 8, 2018

A Rough Overview of SolidWorks Software

Earlier, the hand created technical drawings were greatly used for conveying design specifications for transforming an illustration into a physical form.
With the debut of the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software programs in the market, it has eliminated the need of drafters to a greater extent.
The immense popularity of personal computers made the engineers, designers, and architects do their drafting work with efficacy.
In the present scenario, any designing work whether it may be a model of car, perfume bottles or any other object their layout is prepared using CAD.
The best example of CAD program for preparing virtual 3D models is “SolidWorks.”
Now-a-day, millions of designers, rely on this advanced technology for bringing the innovative and efficient product in the market for a better future.
The user-friendly interface has reasonably eased the design process leading to productive results.

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What are SolidWorks?
Introduced in 1995, this professional grade program runs on Microsoft Windows and covers every aspect of the product development.
SolidWorks software is intuitive and simple to get your hands on. The use of standard conventions like toolbars, icons, menus makes this software relatively easy to use.

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  • Advanced display control functions
  •  Customizable shortcut menus
  •  Instant 3D designing

How Is Designing Done with SolidWorks Software?

  • Initially, the 2D representation is prepared which resembles like a geometric sketch that contains points, lines, and arcs.
  • For specifying the size and location, the dimensions are applied.
  • For defining attributes, relations are used. For instance, if any part needs to be parallel
  • The combination of relations and attributes builds the perfect geometry and this process termed as a parametric feature-based approach for the model creation.

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Why SolidWorks Software for Product Designing?
Before the introduction of SolidWorks, the design process was quite slow. The product designs were prepared on a paper and based on that; the prototypes were created for testing.
This process was an utter failure as it consumes time and requires more humanitarian efforts.
With SolidWorks, the users can easily perform the testing and simulation multiple times virtually. This incredible feature of rollback to the development of the design for modification is simply awesome.
Moreover, when the design has been tested and assembled digitally, SolidWorks software provides different tools which will automate the entire task of drawing.
It is safe to say that the SolidWorks software has dramatically reduced the time invested in design and testing.

To be precise, the SolidWorks software has come out as a savior for many designing industries as it helps in maximizing engineering productivity, thus leading to better design inventions.
That is an end to the basics of the SolidWorks software which you should know!
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