March 13, 2015

Sketch Xpert in SolidWorks

Sketch Xpert

SolidWorks is a feature-based software and many of those features are created from sketches.  Sketches are composed of dimensions and relations to maintain geometry.  A blue sketch would indicate an undefined sketch whereas a black sketch would indicate fully defined sketch.  Image 1 is a good example of a fully defined sketch.

Sketch Xpert Image 1 (Defined Sketch):
sketch xpert property manager

There will be instances where a sketch will generate a conflict due to conflicting conditions. Also known as an over defined sketch.  In our case, Image 2 shows a tangent relation being added to a line and circular entity.

Sketch Xpert Image 2:
solidworks sketch xpert

In cases like these we may use the Sketch Xpert tool.  The Sketch Xpert Tool is found from Tools > Sketch Tools > Sketch Xpert as per image 3.

Sketch Xpert Image 3:
sketch xpert2

Once Sketch Xpert is selected, click “Diagnose” and Sketch Xpert will search for a solution.

Sketch Xpert Image 4:
diagnose sketch xpert

Under “Results” you may scroll through different solutions that Sketch Xpert has created in order to solve the conflicting over defined sketch.

Sketch Xpert Image:5
solidworks sketch tool

Sketch Xpert Image 6:
sketch in solidworks

In this case we select the geometry that best represents what we wanted to achieve and select “Accept”. The sketch is no longer over defined and may be used normally.

Sketch Xpert Image 7:
solidworks sketch

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