December 9, 2013

Configurations to Equations - What's new in SolidWorks 2014

In SolidWorks 2014, the ability to apply configurations to equations and global variables is enhanced. You can configure equations and global variables in the same way as you configure dimensions. Previously, you could only configure equations and global variables by suppressing or unsuppressing them in selected configurations. Now you can create variations of equations and global variables, and apply them to configurations using the Equations and Modify dialog boxes. You can also configure equations and global variables in design tables and in various PropertyManagers for parts and assembly features. You can then edit the equation and assign it to different configurations using the Equation or Modify dialog boxes. You can also specify a different unit of measurement for each configuration. You cannot use configurable equations and suppression/unsuppression in the same model.

solidworks configrations to equations- new in solidworks 2014
Red Box- You can select a specific configuration for which you want to see the equations.
Blue Box- You can select if you want an equation for just this configuration, all configurations or can select specific configurations.
Green Box- You can select a Sketch Equation view filter.
If you created a model with SolidWorks 2013 or an earlier version, you must remove all suppressed and unsuppressed equations and global variables, before adding configurable equations and global variables. You must also remove design tables, then save and re-open the document file with SolidWorks 2014.

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