September 21, 2018


It is easy to perform routed system design tasks with SolidWorks Routing and Fitting Library Software. SOLIDWORKS software also supports creation of tube, pipe and electrical systems.

SolidWorks Routing has been created keeping design efficiency in mind and hence, with it you can easily create better designs with improved BOM accuracy. It also efficiently reduces costs and offers faster time-to-market.

Let us now take into account the key benefits of creating routes using SolidWorks Routing.

First benefit for you is the drag and drop placement. The advantage further extends with the provision of automatic sizing of components as well as of parts and assemblies. You can also copy and mirror the routes. Moreover, the software also allows auto-insertion of piping bends and elbows.

Secondly, SolidWorks Routing features auto-routing of tube, hose, and electrical cable and harness segments. This you can do either directly or by mounting clips and hangers.

Third benefit here is the access to the library of ready-made piping, tubing and electrical cabling as well as harnessing components.

Fourth benefit is that engineering drawing and bills of material is automatically created with complete information that includes cut lengths for pipes as well as the tube routes.

Fifth benefit for you is that you can easily reuse the data created with electrical CAD Software and other tools while designing new cable and harness route, or when importing data in the Microsoft Excel.

There are more benefits of SolidWorks Pipe Routing and Tubing which you can learn by signing up for SolidWorks Training.

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