March 29, 2018


SolidWorks Electrical comes with an integrated library database that provides numerous symbols and over five hundred thousand manufactured parts which you can use in your design.

Overall, SolidWorks Electrical schematic design capabilities ease the process of developing embedded electrical systems for both machines as well as other applications. This is something it does by using single-line and multi-line schematic tools which assist you in planning your electrical systems.

Here, in today’s blog, we shine some light on the method of revising drawings and projects in SolidWorks Electrical.

Considering that you are using one of the standard project templates that are installed in Electrical, you would be able to see, on the very first page, a revision block.
If the project is in the initial revision, you will find the revision number to be zero. You can add revisions at the individual drawing level or even at the book level.

We say, begin at the project level by right-clicking on the Document Book. Once selected, a revision box will open. Feel free to add information in any of the boxes that has dots. If required, you can also click Customize to alter any of the data fields.

Next step is to click on Validate for finalizing the revision. Follow that up with a click on Verify, which will lead to a dialog pop-up asking whether you want all the book documents to be set to similar revision. Click yes in case you want them to start at zero. Then, click Okay and proceed. 

You will find the Print Book option on the screen next. Use it to print your drawings or export them to a PDF. Whichever option you choose, your revision block would update accordingly and you can freely move on with your design.
There, you see, adding revisions to your project and drawings is a pretty easy task. All you need to do is simply follow the above procedure.
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