February 6, 2018

5 Incredible Benefits of SolidWorks Simulation

SolidWorks simulation lets the designers ensure the quality and performance of a product design before proceeding towards the production stage.
With the availability of comprehensive analysis tools, you can easily test model digitally for acquiring the insights of the designing process.
It is safe to say that the SolidWorks simulation technology comes as a boon for the product designers.

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Let’s dig deep into the merits of the SolidWorks simulation for getting a better understanding of this technology.

 Intuitive Technology- Simple to Learn & Master
With the presence of SolidWorks simulation tools, it aids the designers at any stage of product development.
The workflows, naming conventions, and commands are fully integrated into the design environment of SolidWorks to guide the designers with every footstep, thus satisfying their analysis needs.
Leveraged by speedy and accurate solvers, the simulation process helps you to solve the tricky design problems instantly.

 Powerful Design Insights
Beyond ease of use, the SolidWorks simulation is beneficial at the time of the geometry modification as it quickly studies the changes done in the design process and notifies you when the re-calculation is required to be done.
As the design progressed, the product reliability is guaranteed.
Without halting your daily designing task, the simulation solvers keep running in the background. All you have to do is set up the analysis and let the SolidWorks tools do the calculation of the results as you perform detailing of the drawings.

 Highly Optimized for Speed & Accuracy
As your components vary in shape and size, keeping that point into consideration; SolidWorks simulation tools are designed to accept a wide range of geometry.
For welded structure, thin and thick-walled parts, special mesh allows you test them with efficacy and in a more optimized way. Furthermore, SolidWorks simulation software fully understands different types of connection like bolts, pins, and welds.
The symmetric 3D assembly representation can be simplified to 2D for reducing the overall solving time and giving more apt solutions.

 Eliminate Prototype Requirement
With the SolidWorks simulation technology, the designers can easily conduct physical tests digitally which includes fluid motion, thermal, vibrations, impact, and durability. Sizing of welds and bolted connections inspection can be easily done.
Now, you can easily validate all the aspects of designing by running multiple studies simultaneously. The designers can freely test the new ideas which promote innovation with zero risks involved.
Needless to mention that the introduction of the simulation technique has eradicated the need for physical prototypes.

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Empowers Clear Communication
Information drives great results if presented correctly and clearly. SolidWorks simulation technology represents results graphically, and it has some great tools which facilitate to focus on key areas for getting a gist of the performance trends.
The robust reporting metric tools allow you to share results with the people involved in the product designing.
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That is not an end to the benefits which SolidWorks simulation offers; you can find more on the internet.

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