February 1, 2016

How to install SOLIDWORKS Network Licenses?

SolidNetwork License

Now that we are into SOLIDWORKS 2016 many of us are busy upgrading our SolidWorks software.  SolidNetWork License Manager is software that manages multiple licenses on a server.  Typically the server administrator will install this program on the server to manage the licenses amongst client computers.  The program that manages the network licenses is known as Flex Net.  Let’s examine a typical installation.   
To begin we need the SolidWorks installation file folder.  This can be provided to users by a DVD sent by mail or by going to the SolidWorks Customer Portal and downloading the files directly.  The benefit to using the Customer Portal is that users will be provided with the current service pack available.  

solidnetwork license

Log into the customer portal by providing the proper credentials.  Once inside to go Support > Downloads > Select SolidWorks 2016 and download the files.

install network license in solidworks

solidworks network license

The default SOLIDWORKS download location is located in Documents > SolidWorks Downloads > SOLIDWORKS 2016 x64 SP01.  Run Setup.exe.

install solidworks network license

Once you run Setup.exe, the user will have the option to
-Create an individual installation
-Create an administrative image
-Install server products or download the install files

For installations which SOLIDWORKS currently running on the computer we have the options to Modify or Repair the current installation.

When it comes to managing the SolidWorks Licenses on the Server, the user will want to install Server Products > Install SolidNetWork License Manager.  This is the program required to manage the licenses amongst client computers.

solidworks license manager

In the next step the user will be asked to enter in the serial numbers.  The installation will commence and once it is complete you will have SolidNetWork License Manager on the server to manage the licenses amongst the client computers.  

network license manager solidworks

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