January 29, 2016

Weldment Cut List in SOLIDWORKS


Last blog we explored the creation of a simple weldment frame.  A natural extension to the weldment features is the cut list which lists all the parts and lengths required to make the weldment.  It is very similar in nature to a bill of material.  Consider our weldment frame:

weldment solidworks

We’ll start by creating a drawing for this weldment by first going to File> Make Drawing from Part.

weldment cut list

A simple drawing is created with a plan, elevation, side and isometric view.  Now we would like to insert our cut list.

cut list

In order to insert a cut list go to Annotation> Tables > Weldment Cut List


cut list weldment

In the Weldment Cut List Property box, the designer is able to change and modify various parameters such as the table name/ template, position, etc.

weldment cut list

Once a table has been completed, the designer will find a list of sections including description, quantity, length and item number.  You might notice that there are special entries such as plate and Weld-On Ring.  The Weld-On Ring is a special unique part therefore has a separate entry, however the plate was the base plate we modeled.  The cut list conveniently lists the dimensions of the plate.  These dimensions are controlled by a bounding box.

weldment solidworks

If the designer needs to make changes or even edit the bounding box, it is done simply by going back to the model, expand the cut list and right click the part of your choice and select Edit Bounding Box.  This is a very useful feature to capture items such as base plates, stiffeners and gussets, all very common structural elements.

Weldment features in SolidWorks makes designing quick and easier for designers.  Weldment is available for all versions of SolidWorks; Standard, Professional and Premium.

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