January 29, 2016

How to use SheetMetal Flange in SOLIDWORKS?


Sheet metal and weldments are two very popular tabs for the manufacturing industry specifically with metal.  Last blog we worked through an example of a simple sheet metal box, now let’s consider a circular flange:

circular flange

The circular flange is conical in shape; therefore we want to take advantage of the sweep function when creating this part.  We start by first sketching the profile on the front plane.

sheetmetal flange

Ensure that the sketch is fully defined which means it is all black in the graphical window.  Since this part involves a revolution, be sure to create a vertical construction line about the center of revolution.

flange sheetmetal solidworks

Following the first sketch, create a second sketch on the top plane to act as the sweeping path.  Note that there is a one degree gap break in the line shown in the figure.  This allows the flange to be created from a single rolled piece of sheet metal. 

sheetmetal flange

Next, we want to select the Swept Flange feature by going to Insert > Sheet Metal > Swept Flange

sheetmetal flange in solidworks

Once the Swept Flange function is selected, select the two sketches, Sketch1 and Sketch2, as the profile and path, as well as the construction line as the cylindrical axis.

flanges solidworks

Upon completion, apply the feature and we should have our completed sheet metal flange part. This is a sheet metal part and as such will also provide the designer with a flat pattern as well to cut and form. 

Sheet metal features in SolidWorks makes designing quick and easier for designers.  Sheet metal is available for all versions of SolidWorks; Standard, Professional and Premium.

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