November 3, 2015

SolidWorks Simulation 2016 - Intermittent Fixtures

What's New in SolidWorks Simulation 2016?

When a designer runs a simulation, basic parameters such as material, contact sets, fixtures and external loads are essential in defining the problem and achieving accurate results.  New to SolidWorks Simulation 2016 is the concept of intermittent fixtures that adds additional functionality to yield accurate results. 

Consider the following slide-clip assembly:

intermittent fixtures

We can use a 2-D simplification of this model to run the simulation analysis as shown below:

2-D simplification

  This simulation is setup to slide the clip into a locking position, then holding it in the locking position for a few moments before applying a lateral force to unlock the clip and slide it out.  The displacement over time curve is shown below:

intermittent fixtures solidworks simulation 2016

The clip slides in over 0.5 seconds, hold in the lock position momentarily before retracting to its original position.  The lateral force is applied after the clip is in the lock position.  The lateral force is applied to the point as shown below:

what's new in solidworks simulation 2016

It is not necessary to have the lateral force active throughout the simulation.  It is only required after the clip has moved into in the lock position and before it is about to slide out.  With intermittent fixtures, designers now have the ability to turn a fixture on and off.  

intermittent fixtures solidworks simulation 2016

In this case we have the fixture deactivated from 0 seconds to 0.6 seconds before it is activated to move the point in the lateral direction.  After it has moved the point it is turned off at 0.77 seconds and remains off for the rest of the simulation study.  Turning a fixture on and off is useful to help avoid artificial stresses applied to the model and to ensure accurate loads applied. 

solidworks simulation 2016

We know with confidence that the simulation has been performed correctly and that the stresses seen through each time step is correct.

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