October 20, 2015

New in SolidWorks Simulation 2016 - Ability to section the mesh

New in SOLIDWORKS  Simulation 2016

  SolidWorks Simulation is a great tool to test your part in a virtual environment to understand how it behaves under loading conditions.  Consider the following simple hook:

sw simulation 2016

We are going to run a simple simulation study on this hook to determine how it behaves.  The hook is fixed at the eyelet at the top and it is experiencing a 1000 N force downward. 

whats new in solidworks simulation 2016

By running the finite element analysis we get our results

fea 2016 solidworks

We see that the hook is experiencing a maximum stress of 12Mpa at the expected location.  As part of the simulation process, the software ‘meshes’ the part by breaking it into small elements to prepare it for analysis.

meshing in solidworks simulation 2016

  New to SolidWorks Simulation 2016 is the ability to section the mesh.  This may be done before or after the analysis, as long as the part is meshed, you can section it.

meshin in solidworks simulation 2016

Sectioning will show all the elements intersecting the plane of choice.  This ability ensures that you have the desired mesh density at any location in your model.  Areas of high stress concentration will require higher mesh density for accurate results.  Using mesh sectioning you can now see how the mesh is distributing throughout the entire model.  

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