August 14, 2015

Trim Tool in SolidWorks Weldments

Weldment: Trims

SolidWorks offers many tools that enable engineers to design innovative parts.  These tools range from basic feature creation, to specialized tools such as weldments.  A weldment is an object made of many parts welded together.  This can include but not limited to structural sections and plates.  The base concept of SolidWorks Weldment involves creating a base layout sketch and filling in the sketch with structural members.
When a structural member is applied it will most likely require trimming to fit the intended profile.  The Trim Tool is an invaluable tool to accomplish this task.  Trim has many similarities to sketch trim where it allows the user to change the end condition for each structural member.  If a member is too long or too short it may adjust it to suit.

However it is also worth noting that trim can be used in more creative ways as well.  Consider a simple fence as shown below:

trim tool solidworks

The fence is fully modeled in weldments; however the pickets are placed such that they are intersecting the crossbar thereby creating interference.

trim tool solidworks weldment

We can use the Trim tool within weldments to correct this interference.  By activating Trim and setting a weld gap, the program cuts a hole into the cross bar that includes a clearance the size of the specified weld gap.

trim tool

Not only can trim be used to adjust and modify structural member end conditions, but it can also create new features within a part such as a hole with clearance.

solidworks weldment trim tool

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