August 17, 2015

Applying Decals in SolidWorks

Using Decals

Solid Modeling has many stages and uses that include concept, design and final product.  Some solid models are used to convey information to a client or sometimes it is provided for marketing purposes.  In either case it is valuable to have a high fidelity model and sometimes that includes the application of Decals onto a solid body.  

Consider the following bracket:

solidworks decal

In order to add a decal, expand the task menu and select Appearances, Scenes and Decals on the right hand side.  Browse through the decals an select the one you want.  In this case the SolidWorks decal will be applied.  Right click and select Add decal to part

decal in solidworks

The Decal property box will appear there it will provide a preview of the decal

decals solidworks

Select a face on the part to apply the decal. 

decals solidworks

  You’ll notice there is a triad available as well as resizing point around the perimeter of the decal.  This allows you to reposition and resize the decal to the proper size.  Once you as satisfied, select apply.

decals solidworks

This decal has been successfully applied.  However you may notice that the background color does not match the part color.  In order to make them match, a mask needs to be applied.
Select and applying a new decal for reference.
decals in solidworks

Scrolling down the decal property box you will find the Mask Image option.  Select “Selective Color Mask” and click on the eye dropper icon.  With the eye dropper icon selected, select the color which you would like to omit from the decal. i.e. make it transparent.  In this case white is chosen.

\decal solidworks

As a result the new decal has a mask successfully applied.  The inclusion of the mask makes the decal and model look cleaner.

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