May 30, 2015

Modeling in Assembly


Conventional modeling practices allow users to create a part and combine multiple parts in an assembly.  It is worth knowing that this is not the only approach to modeling. You have the option to model straight from assembly mode.

Consider a new assembly:

solidworks assembly

From this new assembly select Insert > Component > New Part.  A new generic part file will be created in the feature manager design tree:

solidworks part in an assembly

Select your part, right click and select “Edit Part”

edit part in solidworks assembly

In this example let’s sketch a simple rectangle on the top plane

sketching part in solidworrks assembly

Extrude the rectangle to create a solid.  Please note that we are still in Assembly mode, However, we are working under the “Edit Component” feature.

modeling in assembly solidworks

Similarly we can insert a new part and sketch on a rectangle on the right plane as shown.  Please note that the collinear relation was used to define the rectangle.

solidworks assembly

Extrude to create your second part

assembly solidworks

We can repeat the process to insert a new part and sketch on the front plane as shown below to make the third part

solidworks modeling assembly

With all three parts complete, you may apply your materials to the parts, in this case various woods were selected. 

solidworks modeling

Remember to save your new assembly with the new parts created from the assembly.  In the saving process you will encounter this message indicating that you will need to save the parts that were created.  Select save externally in order to have the part files created. 

solidworks assembly

Finally, you will find your part files created in the same file location as the assembly.

solidworks assembly

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