March 23, 2015

Customizing Your Sheet Format

The sheet format forms the basis template for your drawings and customizing it to suit your needs is a fairly simple process.  In order to begin, open a new SolidWorks drawing and select the paper size as shown:

solidworks drawings

If your paper size is not listed or you would like to change the paper size of a pre-existing template, simply right click “Sheet1” > Properties and from that dialogue box you will be able to set your page size. 

solidworks template

solidworks template

Once you are satisfied with the sheet size, right click “Sheet Format1” and select “Edit Sheet Format

sheet format in solidworks

When you are in “Edit Sheet Format” mode, you will be able to modify every part of the sheet template to suit your needs.  Editing a sheet is as simple as sketching in SolidWorks by using the sketch tools.  The icon on the top right hand corner serves as a reminder that the user is in “Edit Sheet Format” mode.  When the changes are complete click that icon and you will be ready to use your newly customized sheet format.

customized sheet format in solidworks

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