May 30, 2014

SolidWorks Sketching Tips & Tricks - Part2

    1. Arc Length dimension

As shown below we want to dimension the arc by specifying its length. 

To get the Arc length dimension you need to do three clicks, select both the end points and then the arc itself and you will get the dimension as shown below. There is no fixed sequence when doing the selection.

  2.    Angular dimension between 3 points
The first point you select automatically becomes the center and then the two outer points to get the angle dimension

3. Jog Line
The Jog line command used for creating exploded line sketch can be used for normal sketches also.
Below is an example of Jog line command.

Step created using Jog line command

Step created on all four sides using Jog line command

5.  Use Shortcut (S key) and Mouse Gestures
The S key on the keyboard is assigned for Shortcut toolbar which you can customize for Sketch, Feature, Assembly and Drawing. 

You can use mouse gestures by right-dragging in the graphics area to invoke a preassigned tool or macro from a drawing, part, assembly, or sketch. You can enable or disable mouse gestures, and set the number of mouse gestures that appear in the mouse gestures guide. The number of gestures can be set to 4 or 8 gestures (Commands).

6.    Power Trim (Shift key)
If you are doing Power trim and delete an entity by mistake, you can hold the shift key and then drag the entity to extend it.
Below is an example of this trick

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