March 3, 2014

Smart Mates - SolidWorks 2013 vs SolidWorks 2014

The SmartMates functionality saves time by allowing you to create commonly-used mates without using the Mate PropertyManager.
To use the SmartMates command in SolidWorks 2013 and older version of SolidWorks, you can access it from Move Component on the Assembly toolbar. In the PropertyManager, under Move, click SmartMates as shown below

To do the mates you need to double-click a component and then click a valid mate partner. As shown below when you double-click the first component it becomes transparent indicating Smart Mate.
Now we select the other mating component and the Mate pop-up toolbar appears as shown below.
We can do the same procedure for the other mate. Double click the first component and then select the other mating component.
The mate toolbar pops up as shown below.
You can include the SmartMates command when customizing the Assembly toolbar or the Assembly CommandManager as shown below.
To include the SmartMates command in the CommandManager:
1. Open an assembly.
2. Click Tools > Customize, or right-click the CommandManager and select Customize.
3. On the Commands tab, select Assembly.
4. Drag the SmartMates command to the Assembly CommandManager, and click OK.

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