February 5, 2014

What's new in SolidWorks Simulation 2014

With every year's major release in SolidWorks, the enhancements that is made in all modules of  SolidWorks Simulation 2014 (SolidWorks Simulation Professional, SolidWorks Simulation Premium and SolidWorks Flow Simulation) is truly outstanding.

The SolidWorks Simulation 2014 release focus on four important theme:

Boost Productivity with Intelligent Tools

  • Automatically convert Toolbox Fasteners to bolt connectors
  • New Bolt Connectors Symbol
Benefits :
  • Easier Simulation setup time
  • Leverage CAD Simulation
  • Improve productivity of Product Engineers

Perform comprehensive simulations across consistent solution

Leverage ECAD thermal properties

  • Import thermal properties from Circuit Works in SolidWorks Flow Simulation
  • Import PCB layers definition from Circuit Works in SolidWorks Flow Simulation
  • Streamline product development process
  • Enhance the user experience with SolidWorks Solutions.

Import Residual Stress from SolidWorks Plastics

  • Provide complete performance test capabilities.
  • Consistency of the global simulation tools.

Acheive greater insight with Simulation results

Mirror results about planes of symmetry
  • Allows user to mirror results about planes of symmetry (planar,cyclic)
Benefits :
  • Ease post processing of Complex symmetrical models
  • Facilitate the sharing of simulation results with people unfamiliar with Simulation.

Results Comparison Across Configurations

    Allow the user to compare simulation results across different configurations.
    Benefits :
  •  Ease comparison of design scenarios 
  • Enable user to focus on his research to best design

Better eDrawings support of CFD results

Save multiple SolidWorks Flow Simulation output charts in a single edrawing.

  • Ease Communication with CFD results 
  • offer consistency with solidworks simulation


SolidWorks Simulation Performance Enhancements to :

  • Faster file open with Simulation Active
  • Large problem with Large problem direct sparse solver - Multi -Core Support
  • Direct Sparse solver - upto 40% seep up for in-core problems
  • Large speed up in the Interactive Solver (FFE +) - Multi-Processor, Contact convergence

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