January 11, 2013

Measure Tool in SolidWorks 2013

Improvements have been made to the Measure Tool functionality and user interface.

Point-to-Point Mode

You can measure the distance between two points on your model. This mode supports snapping to model faces and edges, as well as midpoints, quadrant points, and intersections.


Arc/Circle Measurements

You can create measurements with custom arc conditions. For example, you can measure

the distance from the center of one arc or circle to the outer edge of another. Use drop-down menus on the Measure callouts in the graphics area to toggle between center, maximum, minimum, and custom distances.


Last Used Settings

The Measure tool retains settings from the last time it was used.


Click History to see measurements made during the current session of SolidWorks.

User Interface

The Save icon has been replaced with Sensor to indicate the option to create a sensor from the current measurement.


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