June 25, 2012

Mirror Part in SolidWorks

Mirror Part creates a mirrored version of an existing part. This is a good way to create left-hand and a right-hand version of a part. Because the mirrored version is derived from the original version, the two parts always match. It can be used for parts created as solid, sheet-metal etc.

1.    Below is an example of a Sheet metal part for which we are going to create the right-hand version using the Mirror part command.

2.  Now to create a copy select the model face or plane across which you want to mirror the part as shown below.  The command is located at Insert-Mirror Part on your SolidWorks dropdown Menu as shown below.
sheetmetal-mirror part

3.   After that a new template will open under a new window and will ask you what to mirror. Here you can select the solid body option if it’s a solid body and also if you like you can also break the reference so that both parts are not linked and changes to one part won’t update the other part. In our case it’s a Sheet metal part so for that you need to break the reference or won’t get the other part. Also as shown below we can see a nice preview of what we are going to get.

 4.    Now as shown below we have two identical parts with their right-hand and left-hand combination.

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