September 28, 2018


SolidWorks 3D CAD Design software is famous for its impeccable design capabilities.

Now, considering the number of parts and components that are created using SolidWorks on a regular basis, working with large assemblies may prove challenging.

To help you overcome that limitation, here we present a couple of tips and tricks.

First tip, undoubtedly, would be to consider the mode. Let’s dwell deeper into that.
So, there are four modes in which an assembly can be opened. These are, namely – Resolved, Lightweight, Large Assembly Mode and Large Design Review.
Resolved is the default option when you work within assemblies.
Lightweight opens the assemblies but not the associated file information. Although it does share the information about primary planes and origin.
Large Assembly Mode is similar to Lightweight in operation with the only difference being involvement of a couple more options.
Finally, Large Design Review is different from the other three in a way that it provides you with restricted command manager. Best part about Large Design Review is that it doesn’t open the file in memory and therefore, offers super ease in opening and navigating large assemblies.

Second Tip is to use simplified configurations, which means creating a configuration within the assembly and suppressing unnecessary associated parts and sub-assemblies.

Third Tip is to use the Defeature tool, which is a tool that helps in removing selected faces, features et al. With this tool you can save the file as a Dumb Solid, which refers to a file without any feature definition or history.

With these tips we believe you would be able to work with large assemblies in SolidWorks almost flawlessly. For more such interesting details and information, you can always go for a SolidWorks 3D CAD Training.  

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