April 5, 2018


SOLIDWORKS Simulation offers core simulation tools that support design testing, and swift as well as quality decision making.

Interestingly, the full integration is known to create a short learning curve and further eliminate such redundant tasks as are required with traditional analysis tools.

Together, these advantages simplify the process and take you one step closer to completing your task list efficiently.

Let’s now discuss the major point about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018.
Introducing a new study type called Tropology Study, SOLIDWORK Simulation 2018 enables designers as well as engineers to develop minimum mass components.

Based on linear static loads and restraints the Topology Study removes the finite element mesh to the point where the target mass or the best stiffness to weight ratio is achieved.

SolidWorks Simulation 2018 comes with improved pin connector which can connect three or more surfaces. It can be used to create and analyze multi-surface pin connections with ease and greater accuracy.  When used, it would lead to a simplified analysis of a critical assembly process.

All these modifications, additions and changes certainly highlight the necessity of appropriate training. For those seeking SolidWorks Training in Toronto, there is a major good news in the form of FEA Training Consultants. Inside their state of the art training center you can easily gain professional SolidWorks Simulation Training and SolidWorks 3D CAD training.

FEA Training Consultants is home to award-winning certified instructors who ensure every trainee receives detailed subject-specific training swiftly and smartly.

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