October 5, 2015

Alternate Position View in SolidWorks Drawings

SolidWorks Drawings: Alternate Position View

For 2D mediums such as drawings it may be difficult to present range of motion for moving parts in mechanical assemblies.  A solidworks tool that comes in very handy for such problems is the Alternate Position View in drawingsAlternate position allows you to superimpose one position over another to demonstrate range of motion of an assembly.  Consider the following mechanism:

alternate position view solidworks

It is a simple mechanical mechanism with a specific range of motion.  When a drawing is created for this mechanism we want to select view layout > Alternate Position View.

alternate position view

This will allow you to create a new configuration with the new position.  You may rename the configuration as required and select the green check to proceed.

alternate position view in solidworks drawings

The software will now open the model with a move component free drag selected.  From here you may click and drag any face on the component to rearrange it to the new position

alternate position

When you are satisfied with the new position, click the check mark to accept it and you should find on the drawing the alternative position superimposed onto the original configuration.  The alternative position will be transparent as to distinguish the two.

alternate position in solidworks drawings

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