August 21, 2015

Methods to create threads in SolidWorks

Creating Threads: Sweep Method

The SolidWorks toolbox has many useful premade configurable models for hardware items such as hex nuts, bolts and washers.  This helps quicken modeling time by avoiding the need to model smaller simpler items.  However creating specific features such as threads may be considered challenging to some.  The following will outline the sweep method in creating thread.
Consider a simple modeled hex bolt without threads


 To apply threads, we must first create the cut profile.  Please note the cut profile is very specific to each thread and bolt therefore it is suggested to consult reference information for accurate modeling.

creating threads solidworks sweep method

Next we need to create a spiral using the Helix/ Spiral tool in SolidWorks.  This is where you can set the number of revolutions, pitch etc.

sweep method

Next, apply the Sweep Cut feature by selecting the cut sketch profile followed by the spiral that was created.  By applying this feature the threads will appear on the hex bolt

sweep cut feature solidworks

This represents one method to create threads on bolts.  In practise many times it is not necessary to go into such high detail since bolts are purchased stock to specifications.  However on the occasion that a high fidelity model is required such as for marketing or rendered images, this would be considered one method to apply threads to a part.

sweep method threads solidworks

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