May 20, 2015

Difference between Direct Transfer and Rigid Connection

In SolidWorks Simulation you may define external loads known as remote loads.  Upon creation of a remote load you have the option of setting it to be either Direct Transfer or Rigid ConnectionWhat is the difference?

Consider a simply supported cantilever composed of two parts: front and back: 

solidworks simulation

We may create a simulation study that reflects the cantilever beam loading conditions.  It is fixed on one end and has a load applied on the other end.

simulation study in solidworks simulation

We can simulate the results of this study by excluding half of the beam and applying a remote load in place.  

load conditions in solidworks simulation

When creating a remote load, the user must specify whether it is a direct transfer or rigid connection

direct transfer vs rigid connection in solidworks simulation

Direct Transfer: Assumes that the component between the remote force and the connection point is adequately flexible, allowing the structure to deflect.  The program decomposes the remote force into a shear force and coupling moment acting on the connection face.  This allows the connection face to distort.  Displacements must be within the small displacement assumption.

remote force - solidworks simulation

Rigid Connection:   Applies rigid links/ connections from the remote load to the connecting face.  As a result when the face deflects, the face shape is maintained.  High stresses can develop near faces with rigid connections.

rigid coneections- solidworks simulation

The results of the remote load direct transfer is shown below:

remote load direct transfer

The results of the remote load rigid connection are shown below:

rigid connection-solidworks simulation

At first glance the results are not easily distinguishable; however upon closer inspection along the vertical axis of the connection face reveals that the stress distribution from the direct transfer and rigid connection options are different.

direct transfer-solidworks simulation

rigid connection-solidworks simulation

Choosing whether the remote load will be applied as a direct transfer or rigid connection will affect the simulation results.

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