April 9, 2015

Interference Detection:SolidWorks Assembly Evaluation Tool

Interference Detection: Egg in a Box

Scavenger hunts has the potential to yield prizes.  In this hypothetical example we have found a simple colored egg as shown below

inteference detection is solidworks assembly

In order to display our prize we have crafted a wooden box to frame the egg 

solidworks assembly evaluation tool

An assembly is created fitting the egg inside the box to show a preview of how the finished display box will look like.

solidworks assembly

However once an assembly is created, you may use a SolidWorks assembly evaluation tool called Interference Detection to determine whether there is any interference between the egg and the box.  i.e. does it fit?

Select the Evaluate tab> Interference Detection

Once the assembly is selected, click “calculate”

interference detection of solidworks assembly

SolidWorks has determined that this assembly has interference and has highlighted it in our model.

intereference detection in solidworks

This simple checking tool has highlighted a design flaw allowing us to make modifications in the design phase which has less impact on the product as opposed to after the part has been manufactured, saving us money.

A quick modification of the inside dimension from 100mm to 110mm is applied to our box.

interference checking tool solidworks

Now, we run our second interference check for verification and indeed the box is of correct size.  This box will now properly display our prize as intended.

interfernce verfication tool solidworks

Happy Hunting!

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