March 27, 2015

Create Custom Bill of Material Properties

When creating a Bill of Materials, it becomes apparent that different industries have different requirements; therefore there is a need to customize the bill of materials to present the required information.

Take for example the case of our simple part as shown below.

solidworks BOM

In order to customize the bill of materials we first need to create a custom property in the part.  To do this we go to File> Properties

custom bill of materials in solidworks

In this example we are creating a property named Mass and it stores the weight of the part.  Under the Custom tab we enter our property name “Mass”, the type is text and the value can be selected from the drop-down menu, in this case we select mass and accept.

solidworks bom

Our part is a component in the larger assembly as shown below

solidworks part for bill of material

When creating a drawing for the assembly we want to go to Annotations> Tables > Bill of Materials and accept to create your bill of materials.

create bill of material

Once the bill of materials is selected you can right click the top of the bill of materials and choose to insert a column to the right to begin our BOM customization.


A new column is created and under property name we may select “Mass” which was previously defined in the part.

bill of materials custom properties

We now have a custom property in the Bill of Materials displaying the part mass.  This value will automatically update with any changes done to the part.

bom custom properties

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