November 26, 2014

SolidWorks Flow Simulation Tutorials

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation has some great tutorials to quickly learn how to use the software and then work your way up to getting up and going on your own projects.  If you are signed up for training at our office, it’s also a great way to get prepared in order to ask more detailed questions from your instructor.

To access the Tutorials, you first would need to have Flow Simulation enabled as an add-in, and then from the Help menu, under the SOLIDWORKS Simulation  (Also Read: SolidWorks Simulation Standard) submenu item, you will see a listing of FlowSimulation topics including the Tutorials.

solidworks flow simulation help menu

The tutorials are a PDF manual with examples beginning with first steps to learn the interface, with a Ball Valve for example, then move on to Intermediate examples, such as Heat Exchanger Efficiency, to learn how to use design goals and properly construct your computational mesh.  And by this point, you’d be ready for more Advanced examples, such as a rotating Textile Machine.  All of these example models are loaded onto your hard drive in the installation directory under a folder called “Examples,” where the default location is C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks Flow Simulation\Examples.  (Note that the models should not be used directly from here but copied to another location to preserve the originals.) 

You might have caught in the first image above that there is also an option for Flow Simulation Technical Reference.  This PDF is another great resource to learn how to use the software, and at the end of this document there are even more examples that are provided as Validation examples.  The 2015 release includes one new validation example based on a Buice-Eaton diffuser, used as a turbulence modeling test case.  Those models are similarly located in a folder named “Validation Examples,” and all are setup and ready to solve.
Note that a direct route to the PDF documents mentioned in this post is to go to the source files in this location: “C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks Flow Simulation\lang\english\Docs”, where you can substitute “english” for 1 of 6 languages of your choice.

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