October 13, 2014

New in SolidWorks 2015 - Magnifying Glass Access

A new Selection Toolbar in SOLIDWORKS 2015 provides easy access to the most commonly used selection tools, access to selection filters, and a shortcut to activate the magnifying glass during selection.

Magnifying Glass Access:

The Tools menu and the Select flyout menu on the Standard toolbar include the Magnified Selection tool, which displays the magnifying glass tool. The tool is also available on the context toolbar that appears when we right-click an empty space in the graphics area.

A.   Tools menu location

magnified selection

B.   Select flyout menu location

magnified selection in solidworks 2015

C.   Context toolbar location

magnifying glass access-solidworks 2015

The magnifying glass, which we can also display using the G shortcut key, gives a magnified view of a section of a model so that we can inspect the model and make selections without changing the overall view.

We can add the Magnified Selection tool to other toolbars, such as the Heads-Up View toolbar, by clicking Tools > Customize. On the Commands tab, in Categories, select Standard and drag the button to the toolbar where we want to add it.

customizing toolbars in solidworks

Note: The magnifying glass is disabled if Use software OpenGL is selected in Tools > Options > Performance. Use software OpenGL is selected by default if you access the SOLIDWORKSsoftware remotely.

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