January 24, 2013

Mass Properties Dialog Box,Center of Mass (COM)

The Mass Properties dialog box has been enhanced to improve workflow and clarify options.

Some of the changes include:

• The Assigned mass properties option has been replaced by the Override Mass Properties button. When you click Override Mass Properties, the new Override Mass Properties dialog box appears. As in previous releases, you can override values for mass and center of mass. Now you can also override moments of inertia.

• For assemblies, if one or more components has mass properties that have been overridden, the components are listed at the bottom of the Mass Properties dialog box.

Output coordinate system has been changed to Report coordinate values relative to. The contents of the drop-down list remain the same.

• The Print and Copy buttons have been moved to the bottom of the dialog box, and a Help button has been added.

Show output coordinate system in corner of window has been moved to the Mass/Section Property Options dialog box. Click Options in the Mass Properties dialog box.

solidworks mass properties dialog box
Point at the Center of Mass
You can add a Center of Mass (COM) point to parts, assemblies, and drawings. You add a COM by clicking Center of Mass (Reference Geometry toolbar) or Insert > Reference Geometry > Center of Mass.
In the graphics area, appears at the center of mass of the model. In the Feature Manager design tree, Center of Mass appears just below Origin
The position of the COM point updates when the model’s center of mass changes. For example, the position of the COM point updates as you add, move, and delete features in a part.
The COM point can be suppressed and unsuppressed for configurations. You can measure distances and add reference dimensions between the COM point and entities such as vertices, edges, and faces.
You cannot create driving dimensions from the COM point. However, you can create a Center of Mass Reference Point (COMRP), and use that point to define driving dimensions.
A COMRP is a reference point created at the current center of mass of the part. It remains at the coordinates where you create it even if the COM point moves due to changes in the geometry of the part.
To create a COM reference point:
• Right-click the Center of Mass in the Feature Manager design tree and click Center of Mass Reference Point

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