January 21, 2013

Dowel Holes in Holes Wizard

You can insert standard dowel holes using the Hole Wizard. Dowel holes are used to align components in assemblies. You can choose from standard diameters, or assign custom diameters appropriate to your industry.

To insert the dowel hole: 

1. Click Hole Wizard (Features toolbar).

2. In the Type tab of the Property Manager:

a) Under Hole Type, click Hole.

b) In Type, select Dowels.

c) Set the remaining options as needed.

3. Click OK.


hole specification tool in solidworks

Dowel Pin Symbol Support
There is a new document option for the automatic creation of all dowel pin symbols on view creation as shown below. Additionally, you can automatically insert all dowel pin symbols in a drawing view after view creation.
dowel pin symbol support
Automatically Inserting Dowel Pin Symbols
To automatically insert dowel symbols after view creation:
1. In a drawing, click Dowel Pin Symbol (Annotation toolbar) or right-click and click Annotations > Dowel Pin Symbol.
2. In the Dowel Pin Symbol Property Manager, under Auto Insert, select For all dowel holes.
3. Set the options.
4. Select one or more drawings views.
5. Click to insert the dowel pin symbols.

solidworks 2013 autmatic inserting of dowel pin


Setting Document Properties for Dowel Pin Symbols

To set the document properties to automatically create all dowel pin symbols on view creation:

1. In a drawing, click Tools > Options.

2. On the Document Properties tab, click Detailing.

3. Under Auto insert on view creation, select:

Dowel symbols -part

Dowel symbols -assembly

4. Click OK.


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