December 14, 2012

SolidWorks 2013 - What's New features- VOL I

SolidWorks 2013 User Interface changes

Customizing Shortcut Bars

Shortcut bars appear when you press the S key in an open part, assembly, drawing,

or sketch.

To customize a shortcut bar:

1. Click Tools > Customize or right-click the shortcut bar and click Customize.

2. In the Customize dialog box, on the Shortcut Bars tab, click one of the following:

solidworks 2013

So now you can select a Shortcut toolbar for Part, Assembly, Drawing and Sketch as shown in the red box above.

Easier Access to Troubleshooting and Administrative Tools

Troubleshooting and administrative tools are available in the SolidWorks Resources tab

of the Task Pane under SolidWorks Tools.

solidworks 2013 troubleshooting and admin features



Feature Manager Design Tree

In part documents, you can set the Feature Manager Design tree to show features in the order they were created, instead of hierarchically.

Right-click in the Feature Manager Design tree and click Tree Display > Show Flat Tree View. In Flat Tree View, curves, 2D sketches, and 3D sketches are not absorbed into the features that reference them. Instead, they are shown in the order of creation.

Note: Flat tree is only available for parts.

The Unflatten version is shown below.

solidworks 2013 feature manager design tree

Right click on the Part and select Show Flat view option as shown below.

The tree will appear in Flatten state as shown below.

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