June 7, 2012

How to Convert SolidWorks file as 3D PDF?

You can export SolidWorks part, assembly, and drawing documents as Edrawing file or as a 3D PDF. The biggest advantage of using these tools is,  it is convenient to send a model which people can view in 3D as compared to 2D drawings. Below is a part which we will save as an Edrawing file first and later as 3D PDF.

Go to File-Publish to Edrawing.

Edrawing window will open as shown below. We have different options like Zoom, Rotate, View option, Markup, Measure, Section and Stamp. Also we can get the mass properties and we can isolate a particular part in an assembly.

Once the file is published we can use the save option and save it as an Edrawing file or an Edrawing Html file. There is an Enable Measure option, if checked the model can be measured.

The other option is to save as Adobe 3D Portable Document Format (3D PDF). For this option you don’t need a professional version of the Adobe reader. The simple free to download reader version is what is required to create and open the file. When using 3D PDF we can only save part and assembly files only (No drawing files). For this method you go to File-Save As and select the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) in the Save as type.

In the Save As window select the Save as 3D PDF option as shown below and then hit the save button. A 3D PDF file is created with a model tree on the left side. When you right click you can get the options to Spin, Rotate, Pan, Display options, rendering options etc. Like Edrawing you can also isolate a part in an assembly.

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