April 27, 2012

SolidWorks Add-in Tools - Design Checker

SolidWorks Design Checker verifies design elements such as dimensioning standards, fonts, materials, and sketches to ensure that SolidWorks documents meet pre-defined design criteria.
Design Checker has the following modules:
  • Build Checks - can be used to set the requirements for evaluation
  • Check Active Documents - used to validate documents
  • Check against existing file - validate the active document against design checks created from existing files.
  • Learn Checks wizard - retrieve design checks based on attributes from an existing SolidWorks part, assembly, or drawing document.

Lets take a look at how to automatically fill the title block

First create a Part for which you wish to create a drawing. After creating the file save is under a name in this case Part1 and then go to the File Properties as shown below and click on it.

summary information of active document

Type in the details you want to show in the Title Block . In this case I want the Drawn By and the initial or the value is AVS. Once done click OK and then save the file.

summary information dialog box

Open a new drawing document. Note that you'll need to do this for each of the different sheet formats that you use. For this tip, in the Sheet Format/Size dialog box, make sure that the Standard sheet size radio button is selected and pick A - Landscape from the menu. Right below the menu is the name of the template, a - landscape.slddrt. If it's not, browse to that file. Make sure that Display sheet format is checked and click OK.

Sheet Format/Size dialog box

Right Click on the Sheet and select Edit Sheet Format as shown below to make changes or edit the Title Block. Once you go into Edit Sheet Format mode you won’t be able to see any drawing view, if there are any on the sheet. The only thing that can be changed/modified is the Title Block

drawings view

Now select Note from the Annotation toolbar as shown below and drop it next to Title in the Title Block. After dropping the note you migh tsee the text editing bar pop out to make changes to Font type, size etc.
adding note

text editing box

In the Note PropertyManager, under Text Format, click the Link to Property button as shown below

In the Link to Property dialog box, pick the Current document radio button and select the SW-File name (File name) as shown below.
design checker tools

Now you can see a code appearing in the text box and once you click OK, you will see the file name in the text box as shown in the below image.
The name of the File is the name that appears in the Text box and if you change the file name the text box updates on its own.

Same way you drop a text box beside Drawn By and select Link to Property and make the selection’s as shown below.
custom properties

Once the selections is done you can see the initial AVS from the part file carried over in the Tiltle Block. Once you are done with setting up the Title block you can click the Exit Button as shown in the box below to come out of Edit Sheet Format.

Note: Sheet Format needs to be saved individually as its independent from the Drawing Template. To save Sheet Format click on File-Save Sheet Format and select the location you want it to be saved.

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