February 7, 2018

An Ultimate Guide for Clearing ERC Interview

Aspiring to clear ERC interview with flying colors but doubtful where to start?
Don’t worry! Many others are sailing in the same category.
All you need is the right guidance!
For you, here are the essentials for cracking the ERC interview which guarantees success if followed correctly.

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Give it a read to get the insights of the tips which you need to follow while preparing for the interview!

Basic Tips
  • For an interview, try to reach venue 15-20 minutes early.
  • Always adorn a formal attire for the ERC interview.
  • Remember the fact that it is an interview to analyze your engineering experience, not a regular job interview; it would be better to align your thought processes appropriately.
  • The interview process takes approximately 45-60 minutes.
  • On an average, about 65% of the candidates clear the interview.
  • Videotaping of your interview will be done for possible reviewing in future if you want to go for a re-check option.

Preparation Tips
  • Always opt for the two projects from your experience record in which you have in-depth knowledge. Try to demonstrate in the best possible manner and explain the interviewers that you have applied engineering principles along with their relevant engineering equations.
  • Don’t forget to carry drawings, reports, samples, and pictures to validate your project or work.
  • Make sure of the fact that you have gone through the basics in your engineering discipline.
  • Interviewers may raise basic questions to test your engineering skills.  
  • If you have done something great in your project recently, but have not mentioned yet in your experience record, then it is time for upgradations so your coordinator can send it to the interviewers.

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Interview Tips
  • Try to make a good rapport with the interviewers by making positive comments.
  •  Lead the interview with full confidence. Start with the objective of your project, what you have done, results you attained, calculations, analyses, and conclusions. Don’t miss even a single information about your work.
  •  Don’t rush while explaining your project. Give equal time for the interviewers to ask some questions related to your work.
  •  If time allows, you can go ahead with your second project if the interviewers permit you to do so.
  • Go through the basic engineering questions related to your field as the interviewers may ask few from you.
  • If you are confident about your answer, then you can say so. Answering wrong is a big no. It is advisable to say that you are not sure will indicate your honesty.

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Here comes an end to the guidelines which you must follow for giving your best shot in an ERC interview.
We are sure of the fact that you will imitate all the points which have mentioned in this write-up.
Hoping that the above tips will be going to help you to a certain extent!
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