February 18, 2018

Difference between SOLIDWORKS Premium, Professional and Standard

Difference between SOLIDWORKS Premium, Professional andStandard

Congratulations on your decision to look into SOLIDWORKS 3DCAD design software package!

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design software solutions include SOLIDWORKS PREMIUM, SOLIDWORKS PROFESSIONAL, and SOLIDWORKS STANDARD providing engineers, designers and manufacturers with the design, simulation/verification, manufacturing, file management and collaboration tools they need to develop and manufacture innovative products and equipment—all in one package

The entire suite of SOLIDWORKS (SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Standard) covers design, simulation/verification, cost estimation, manufacturability checks, CAM, sustainable design, technical communication and data management.


SOLIDWORKS Premium is the flagship product in the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD family. You can find all the capabilities included in SOLIDWORKS Professional along with powerful simulation and design validation as well as advanced wire and pipe routing functionality, advanced surface flattening capabilities and environmental impact analysis.

SOLIDWORKS Professional:

SOLIDWORKS Professional includes all the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Standard to increase design productivity. The additional functionalities include file management tools, advanced photorealistic rendering (SOLIDWORKS Visualize), automated manufacturing cost estimation, eDrawings Professional collaboration capabilities, reverse engineering tools, automated design and drawing checking , automated task scheduling and batch processing, Tolerance analysis, ECAD/MCAD collaboration tools, sophisticated components and parts library.


Get up to speed and unlock the benefits of this powerful design and manufacturing solution. With SOLIDWORKSStandard, you can share data with your suppliers and customers who also use SOLIDWORKS. Create designs faster and more accurately, including 3D models of complex parts and large assemblies, 2D drawings, and assembly bills of materials (BOMs) needed by manufacturing. Eliminate design errors and rework before designs get to manufacturing by using automatic interference checking. Work directly with non-SOLIDWORKS CAD data and eliminate the need to translate files using SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect. Communicate design ideas more effectively using tools to create, publish, and view photorealistic images and videos of your designs. Create CNC tool paths using industry-leading CAM tools (SOLIDWORKS CAM) that include an intelligent database of machining rules and even the ability to automatically create CNC programs for your design.

Whether you choose between SOLIDWORKS Premium or SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Standard you can be assured that SOLIDWORKS is the most popular 3D CAD tool in the industry and the best 3D CAD tool for integrated partner products. You can do anything you need to do in designing, manufacturing (now including CAM) and managing products and never have to leave the SOLIDWORKS environment.

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