January 29, 2014

VIDEO: SolidWorks World 2014 Day 2 General Session

The second general session of SolidWorks World 2014 was all about the user community and customers. This past year, we had 14 new chapters for the SolidWorks User Group Network and over 800 people attending the SWUGN Summit events (they’re like miniature versions of SolidWorks World).

The general session kicked off with a customer presentation featuring eatART, an organization that ”fosters art research with a focus on large-scale, technically sophisticated art by supporting both independent and internal art projects,” led by Suchit Jain, Vice President of SolidWorks User Advocacy. Jonathan Tippett, founder of eatART, talked about their vision which was instrumental to the design of the Mondo Spider (demoed on stage yesterday).

Then, SolidWorks Usergroup   Network Leader Richard Doyle presented the SWUGN awards. That was followed up by more presentations from two amazing customers: MarkForged and BoDyn Bobsled.

Then, CEO Bertrand Sicot introduced the BoDyn team: Geoff Bodine and Bob Cuneo, who are behind the design of the Night Train 2 bobsled that the US team is taking to the 2014 Olympics next month in Sochi, Russia. Bertrand had an opportunity to visit with the team last year in Park City, Utah, and even got to take a ride down the track. He showed some video documenting the experience, and the team discussed what goes into designing a bobsled used in the winter games.

WATCH the SolidWorks World 2014 General  Session Day 2 video.

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