January 15, 2014

Rotations in Exploded Views in an assembly (New in SolidWorks 2014)

In SolidWorks 2014, you can create exploded view steps that rotates a component with or without linear translation.

To create an exploded view in an assembly, click Insert > Exploded View or select Exploded View from the Assembly toolbar as shown below.
rotations in exploded views in an assembly

Shown below are the new options in the Exploded view Property Manager. Now when you select a component to explode you see both the Linear manipulator and the Rotational rings. You can include rotation and translation in the same explode step. You can also edit the explode step translation distance and rotation angle values in the Property Manager.

exploded views in an assembly

As shown below you can rotate a component by selecting the ring.  They work with the same concept as Move with Triad option in Assembly.

rotations in exploded views in an assembly
You also have the option to rotate multiple components across their own origin. The best example of where to use this option would be when creating rotational explode for fasteners.

rotations in exploded views in an assembly
Once the Exploded View is complete you can animate the assembly and will show both Linear and Rotational explode steps.
The other new enhancemet for exploded view is that you can move the Manipulatior (shown in white box) to any location without holding the Alt key. This can be used incase you want to explode a component with reference to other component.

whats new in solidworks 2014

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